Mechanical Seal Reburbishing

Mechanical Seals are an important component in swimming pool pumps, bore holes, sewage pumps, farming equipment, air condintioners and many other mechanical products.Hayes Engineering has extensive experience in refurbishing mechanical seals saving the likes of Municipalities, Service Stations. Farming Companies, Paper Manufacturers, Mining Companies, packaging companies significant margins on purchasing new mechanical seals.

Not only is Hayes involved in the refurbishing market, they all offer competitive prices on New mechanical seals as well. Contact Hayes for a full list of our mechanical seal.Contact Us for more information or visit our services page for a list of our services.

"A mechanical seal is a special type of seal utilised in difficult duty sealing applications. Two highly polished seal faces provide the seal. One seal face is usually 'hard', such as silicon carbide or tungsten carbide, the other usually 'soft', such as carbon. However 'hard' versus 'hard' combinations can be used. 'Soft' versus 'soft' is not a viable combination. One is attached to the fixed part of the machine, the other to the rotating part. A system of springs is used to ensure the carbon seal faces are kept in contact.
A typical application for a mechanical seal is in a submersible pump."